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Your home Audio Video System is beautifully placed in the corner of the living room. Electrical wires, as well as the television cable wires, are nicely built into the wall. All looks good. Except what about another Audio Video System in the recreation room. Suddenly another Satellite box has to be ordered, another DVR has to be bought, another audio system has to be on the list for next Christmas. And what about the new wiring, cables rerouted through the house. The simple desire of having a relaxed time in the recreation room suddenly exploded in a cost and time-consuming project.

The solution, an Audio Video Sender / Receiver system.  This little apparatus, the Sender, is able to transmit the signal from your cable box, your television, your VCR, your DVR, your DVD player, your TiVo, your satellite TV, basically from any audio video system with an RCA output and send it out. The signal will go through doors, walls, and floors. From the basement to the kid’s rooms upstairs, the signal will penetrate every single room in your house for a crisp and clear Audio Video experience.

An Audio Video Receiver will be hooked up to the receiving system, the new system in the recreation room.  The Receiver should be positioned within 100 feet of the Sender, to be able to pick up the signal of the Sender.

And that’s it. Home Entertainment throughout the house, with no extra wiring and for just a low cost. Systems on the market at the moment range from $350 to as low as 50$.

Something to note when looking for the perfect system for your house:

Systems come with and without the possibility to transmit an audio signal. Shop around for the best available system, suiting your needs.

The audio signal can be transmitted in Mono or Stereo. Only when you are on a low budget, the Mono Audio system would be something to consider. Otherwise, Stereo it is.

Some systems come with a remote control included in the price, and by simply pointing at the Receiver, the Audio Video System in the living room can be controlled. It is just not feasible to walk up every time to the other room to change a channel. Look for the extra components coming with the system.

Some systems can be easily expanded by adding an extra Receiver.  Because why only installing an extra Audio Video System in the recreation room, while there can also be easily an other Television installed in the bedroom.

Most systems are easy to plug and play installments. It will only takes 5 minutes to set up your new system. No drilling needed, no new cabling, no contractor hassle, no nothing

Want to try it yourself, why not look at the Sony AC receiver we have linked below.

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