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Smart home technology 2020 is here to stay, and we are going to talk a little bit about it herein. As people tend to be careful about water usage, smart systems have been developed to embrace this reality.

We are going to dedicate a section to this topic too. Cooling and heating systems have been improved to meet users’ needs, and programmable thermostats are an example of these technologies.

As these thermostats can save users hundreds of dollars per year, we are going to write about them as well. Smart systems of security are important accomplishments in the topic of smart home technology in 2020, as they can be controlled by any mobile device out there.

Wise Use of Water

Most people are using water the right way, as they are well aware of the H2O footprint. Both showerheads and low-flow toilets are fine, but technology will make the use of water to a new level.

Water treatment systems equipped with Wi-Fi technology are for sale today. These systems will monitor the use of water and even treat and soften it letting the user know when softener salt needs to be used or send the user a message when something goes wrong.

Some examples of these issues are excessive water usage and on-going water flow during certain periods.

Cooling and Heating Control

As cooling and heating comprise half the energy bill of the typical American household, people of all social classes want to find a tech-savvy way to save some money. Programmable thermostats are part of the solution to this issue, as they might save people hundreds of dollars per year.

People can also use their smartphones in order to view usage statistics and make adjustments to the temperature. Zoned cooling and heating systems are starting to be in fashion, for they let users cool or heat specific parts of a home-based on where they spend most of their time.

Smart Systems of Security

Security systems have been comprised of sensors and alarms since their creation so many years ago. However, people can control the security of their homes from any mobile device out there.

These systems use both alerts and cameras that let users know, for instance, when a package has been delivered or when children arrived home. Fire alarms are integrated into these systems, which report users about fires, smokes, or any other potential threats to a home’s security.

Home Connect

Home Connect is an app that will let its users do the following:

  • Get control over each one of their home appliances. The app will be available for Android in early 2020, but it is already available for iOS.
  • Users will be able to control a wide range of appliances, and it does not matter their brands. Small brands will be able to use this app as a platform to develop new appliances.
  • This open platform technology paves the way for further development in the field, and SmartThings is just an example of this reality.


This system uses lots of sensors in order to take advantage of the full potential that lies in home automation. There is also an app that will let users control everything inside their homes from anywhere and at any time. Users will have the option of adding any type of third party device, which means full compatibility with any device out there.

The system is making the Internet of Things even more accessible for its users, by means of an easy installation process and tons of sensors. The kit also features an app with a rather confusing, little control center. People interested in home automation should give this kit a try, which features an app only available to Android and iOS users.


We have been talking about smart home technology in 2020, and programmable thermostats are an example of this situation. Home Connect is another example of these technologies, which will allow users to get full control over their home appliances.

An appliance’s brand is not an issue, as this app can control any appliance out there. This open technology is filling an important gap in this field since many manufacturers used closed technologies in order to get more market share. SmartThings is a kit with lots of features that let users automate their homes.

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