HomeSeer Systems: A Quick Review of the Home Automation Tool

Homeseer Technologies LLC is a software company that’s main focus is providing products that are affordable and user friendly. The HomeSeer automation systems are a little bit less user friendly than the mControl products. They are also not as compatible as the mControl systems.


One of their most impressive features is the ability to control your home by way of remote access. This gives the user the ability to control their home from any device with an internet browser. Simple macros are easily created and modified to perform more complex tasks. Macros are also activated manually if need be. This gives the user the ability to alter their environment at a moment’s notice. Voice recognition is a way of the future and they recognize this, therefore they include these capabilities in their system.

There are many triggers available for the HomeSeer systems. Some of the triggers include sunrise/sunset, interval, time-activation, motion sensors, and cameras. If the correct plugins are installed then it would be possible to use motion sensors to turn on lights as you pull in the driveway, turn off the lights as you leave. There is also the ability to have your macros activate at random to give the impression that someone is home even if they are not.


The HomeSeer system supports a wide array of media management apps such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, and Windows Media Center. A large number of this system’s features require you to integrate with Windows Media Center. That could be considered a good thing or a bad thing; merely a matter of opinion. HomeSeer supports all of the main transmission technologies such as X10, INSTEON, and Z-Wave. These technologies all require the device to be plugged into a module and then into a wall socket. The signals received by these modules are transmitted from the control center through the power lines, to the socket, then to the module.

Ease of Use

The layout of the HomeSeer software is intuitive, clean and easy to use. There are many devices that add flexibility and ease of use to the HomeSeer system. These include remote controls, in-wall scene controllers and touch screens.


Overall HomeSeer is an easy to use Automation Software. While laser-focused on what they deliver, they can simplify your life once set up. The excellent integration options, allows you to effortlessly control what you need to easily.

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