Insteon versus X10 versus Z-Wave – Smart Home Automation Systems

The three major home automation technologies that are in the top of the ranks are Insteon, X10, and Z-Wave. The difference between them is worth pondering over when it comes to the decision which Home Automation System to use.

The X10 technology

It is the oldest system and is the pioneer when it comes to home automation. Originally started with Sears to automate their facilities, now the major player in-home applications. The X10 technology is based on existing electrical wires and doesn’t interfere with other radiofrequency systems in a house. It is the most widespread and mature system, but its reliability is not always the best.

You can learn more about X10 by clicking here

The Z-Wave technology

The company Zensys, in the need for speed and range, developed the Z-Wave RF radiation technology. It has proven a worthwhile technology that is faster than the X10 technology. It is a very new technology and the amount of modules is still limited.

You can learn more about Z-Wave by clicking here.

The Insteon technology

The Insteon system takes advantage of both the power line controller (PLC) and RF radiation method in controlling all the types of equipment in the home. The system is backward compatible with the X10 technology, meaning that Insteon and X10 modules can coexist on the same power line network and Insteon modules can be set up to respond and transmit X10 as well as Insteon commands. Still developing, but this system might be the future.

You can learn more about Insteon by clicking here.

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