PowerHome Systems: A Quick Review of your new Home Automation System

PowerHome is an easy to use and powerful system which has user-friendly interfaces which are clean along with a large number of features. It does not have the same compatibility as many of the other home automation systems but it still one of the top-rated smart home automation systems. Compatibility with external modules is limited and there are no mobile applications available for the PowerHome system. Customer support is limited to short live chat sessions, email and a small amount of online documentation.


The user interface is clean and user friendly. The PowerHome user interface is easily navigated and controlled by the user. Using the internet it is possible to access the system remotely. This feature adds significantly to the convenience of this system. Voice recognition is offered in conjunction with this system. There are several macros that come preset along with the ability to program your own. Like most other systems, this one provides the ability to activate macros at random to give the impression that someone is home even if that is not the case. Some of the triggers include but are not limited to interval timers, sunrise/sunset, and random interval. PowerHome’s automation software gives the ability to combine many triggers or add multiple actions to a single trigger to form more complex macros.


The PowerHome systems support the use of INSTEON and X10. Modules using Z-wave technology are not supported by PowerHome. It is not possible to control HVAC systems or thermostats with PowerHome. Many media management apps are supported by PowerHome. Some of these include Windows Media Center and iTunes. Integration with these media management applications makes it possible to completely automate your home theater system.

Ease of Use

The user interface of PowerHome, while functional, is not pleasing to the eyes. The menus are not well organized which leads to increased clutter. The remote access is great and adds convenience to operating the system.

Help and Support

The customer service is great. They provide direct email support, live chat, forums, and online documentation.

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