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Nowadays, it is hard to open a magazine, let it be a home and garden magazine, or a technology-related publication, without running into an article about, how smart homes are changing our lives. And it is the truth. Smart homes are popping up everywhere. The new home builders are working the smart home details into their buildings from the get-go, while, people who appreciate the technology and what it brings to our lives, are adapting their homes to become smart homes to the extent possible. Let’s take a closer look at the smart home technology available in today’s market.

Advantages of smart home technology:

If you have an appreciation of technology, I don’t think we have to tell you about the advantages of such a system. Who doesn’t like to find lights on and his favorite music playing when he enters his home? Even better, if the fireplace was lit and the coffee pot turned on. But other than the conveniences of everyday life, consider the financial impact. If you are not home all day, it can keep the temperature little higher in summers and little lower in winters, saving you a pretty penny on your power bill. If you are away for a few days, your smart home can turn the lights around your place on and off at random times, giving it a “living in” atmosphere, keeping the riff-raff away. Who doesn’t want that?

Smart Home Security Systems

Speaking of security, smart home security systems are actually where smart home technology all started. In the good old days, when you ordered a security system, it meant somebody coming into your home, stretching hundreds of yards of wire to connect an open door or window alarm to the so-called brain of the system. When they left, all you got was, well, a security system and nothing more.

Now, when you install such a system, you sure get security but that is just the start. Depending on what you want and how much you want to spend, your options are quite vast. And knowing you and your loved ones are well protected, is the biggest peace of mind you can get.

The Smart Kitchen

It is only fair that kitchens are getting smarter. Considering you can buy a refrigerator with a tablet computer built-in at your local big-box home store and all kitchen appliances coming with electronic controls on them; it was just a matter of time until someone made them smarter.

You can have your fridge and pantry tell you what you need on your next shopping trip to the grocery store, or even better, order it for you, using one of the grocery delivery services. Then your microwave scanning the bar code on the package and knowing how to cook that certain food without you punching anything to the keypad. 20 years ago, if someone told a story like this, most people would have labeled that person crazy. Not so much today, huh?

5 Smart Home Systems That Will Be the Norm by 2020

There are different types of smart home systems. Like in everything else, the more you spend the more you get. Let’s take a look at what some of these systems are like.

Basic Systems

This system provides you the basic security system functionality plus remotely controlling the temperature and maybe locking and unlocking an entry port to the house. The price of one like this system ranges from $2000 to $3000. Plus the monthly access fees for using your smartphone to operate it remotely.

Moderate Systems

For a budget of around $10,000, you can have one of these. This type of system has a higher number of security zones that you can designate, it hooks up into your swimming pool heating system, as well as it is capable of video surveillance on multiple channels. The owner operates all functionality using a smart device, preferably a tablet computer, like an iPad.

High-End Systems

You walk onto the grounds and your path gets lit up for you when you walk into the house, you hear your favorite music playing when your favorite show comes on, it turns your TV on automatically and tunes to the channel. If you have small kids, you will have the peace of mind knowing the pool and hot tub have systems, detecting the presence of small ones around. And of course, all the creature comforts like adjusting the temperature in different parts of the house, streaming music and video from the central system to your present location, locking and unlocking the ports of entry, without moving from your chair, using your iPad, or from anywhere on the planet you happen to be. But of course, it comes with a price label between $100,000 to $150,000.

Premium Systems

So far, our systems were doing things for our comfort and safety. At this stage, we go into the luxury domain, like having a professional discotheque in your residence with all the lighting and sound systems included. At this point, the cost of these systems ranges in the hundreds of thousands. And your imagination is the limit. Do you want a pro bowling alley? Why not?

There are very few examples of these systems around the world. They have all the things you expect from smart home and then some. Like what? How about your own recording studio? Tons of different zones where you can listen to music or watch videos. How about your personal screening room with stadium seating and the highest end sound system? How about motorized window treatments? Your only limit is your imagination, considering you have no qualms about spending exorbitant amounts of money, to the tune of millions of dollars.

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