Smart Lighting Devices

Having control over your lighting is not only convenient when you’re home, but it’s also a security measure when you’re away. Going away for a long weekend? No problem: set your exterior and interior lights to switch on and off at random times, to give your home the ‘lived in’ look. When automating your lighting system, there are several devices you can invest in:


As a necessary link in the chain, automated switches allow you to manage your lighting system in every room and space, both indoors and outside.

Motion detectors

These are more commonly used in exterior lighting, but they’re also ideal for certain areas inside the home – in the hallway leading to the bathroom, for example, for those middle of the night jaunts to the toilet.


Dimmers are perfect for a range of situations. In the example from above, you could set the hallway light to illuminate at half-strength, to create a soft, night-appropriate glow.


Your light controller can be set up as a remote device, a wall-mounted interface, or on your computer.

Light detectors

These clever little circuits can differentiate between light and dark. They’re perfect to install in exterior locations, such as by your front door or back porch, to automatically switch on or off at the appropriate time.

What Else is Smart in the Home

As we move into the future our houses are becoming smarter and smarter. You can read some of our other articles, where we have laid out the other areas of the houses which can be upgraded to a Smart Home. Such as Dumb Home to Smart Home or our breakdown of Smart Home Systems.

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