Smart Video Door System

Home alone and the doorbell rings unexpectedly. What to do, open the door or ignore your visitor? It might be a friend who drops by, it might be that person you wish you hadn’t opened the door for. A little peek through the curtains might give you a view of your visitor.  That is when you are lucky to have a window looking out over your front door. The Video Door System provides you that opportunity to have the safety of your home and still allows you to talk and even see the person who is ringing your doorbell.

With a simple push on your doorbell, your visitor will activate the Video Door System and indoors you will be notified of your visitor by a ringing bell and at the same time the monitor on your indoor console will turn on. By simply picking up the handset you can talk to your visitor and decide to open the door or not.

The system exists out of a video camera that will be mounted outside at your door and an indoor console with a handset and a monitor.

When buying a Video Door System consider the following options:

Remote Door Unlock System

Upon deciding to open the door, wouldn’t it be convenient to do it at the indoor console? An unlock button on your indoor console will give you that option. In this way, the console can be located in any spot in your house. Right there in the living room or maybe the kitchen is a better spot.

Night Light

When light is fading and it is getting dark, the video camera will not anymore pick up the image of your visitor. An automatic turned on night light will give you the light you need to identify your visitor. There are several possible scenarios for the light to turn on. The light can automatically turn on when it is getting dark or it can be connected to a motion detector so it will only turn on when a visitor enters your property. It can also be set up that is will be activated by pressing the doorbell. This might surprise some visitors though.

Knocking Vistors

Not every visitor will always use the doorbell. For whatever reason, there will be always that visitor at your door which prefers to give an old fashion knock on your door. In this case, the Video Door System will not turn on. A good feature to look for on your system is a “turn on system” button on the indoor console. In this way, you can activate the Video Door System from the inside console.

Extra Handheld Indoor Console

Not wanting to walk to the indoor console when the doorbell is ringing, an extra handheld indoor console might be the solution for you. This little device can go with you, wherever you are in your house.

For convenience and personal safety, a Video Door System might be the Home Automation System you are looking for.

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