Software (mControl) Reviewed

What is mControl?

The mControl software has endless features with a wide array of hardware and software compatibility. mControl has an extremely clean interface that is easily navigated. Their high level of customer support wins them brownie points with most customers. Customer support is offered online and also in a user manual which is included with each product.


mControl offers remote access by way of remote control, computer or smartphone. Macros are able to be programmed with endless variations of triggers. Macros are able to be programmed to activate on their own when certain criteria are achieved. Macros can be based on time, sunlight, temperature and more. The mControl system has voice recognition capability built-in which allows macros to be activated simply by the voice of the user. The smart home automation software which is provided by mControl supports a few simple triggers such as sunrise/sunset timers and also timed events. It is possible to have all lights in the house turn off when it is time for bed as well as turn on when your alarm goes off in the morning. The possibilities are endless with these programmable triggers. More complex macros are able to be programmed as well. Multiple events are able to be triggered simultaneously. The only limiting factor to the level of customization would be the variety of devices within the home.


The smart home automation software by mControl is compatible with Windows Media Center and iTunes. With this type of integration it is possible to program macros using specific songs, movies or photos contained within your iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries. Mobile apps are available for most smartphones that use the Windows mobile OS. The application interface is well organized and easily navigated. With this type of remote access it is possible to lock doors, shut off lights, start sprinklers, etc. from halfway around the world. There are three main technologies that are used by the mControl smart home automation systems. These include Z-Wave, INSTEON and X10. This is an important benefit of this system. By being compatible with these three big technologies it will work with almost all device controls and appliances. There are controls built into the mControl smart home automation for thermostats and HVAC systems which are compatible.

Ease of Use

mControl’s smart home automation software is easy to understand and navigate as well as clean looking. Tabs are used to organize like commands and functions in a well organized and understandable manner. Programming macros are extremely easy. They even provide several preset triggers to allow instant use of the new product. The control panel of the mControl smart home automation system can be easily accessed by an on-site touchscreen or even from a remote location using any number of wireless devices such as iPhones, android systems or laptops.

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