Three simple X10 Light Switches

Controlling your light switches is one of the first places people switch to smart devices in their homes. In this article, we will have a quick look at three different X10 Light Switches.

X10 WS467 Wall Switch Module

The switch can carry loads ranging from 60 Watts to 500 Watts. Take care, because this switch can only handle incandescent bulbs.

The switch can be controlled directly at the panel by simply pushing the button. This will cause the connected light to turn On or Off. The trick sits behind the panel, where 2 dials are located. Here the home code and unit code of the switch is set, to allow the X10 controller access to the dimmer. Be aware, the dimming function can only be controlled via the X10 controller, and not directly at the panel. Below the main button, a small button is located for direct total power turn off, for save bulb replacement.

X10 PLW02 Three Way Master and Slave Switch Set

This is a so-called Three-Way system. A term used for a light that can be controlled by 2 separate switches. These systems are most commonly used to control a hallway light which is connected by stairs to another level. To replace the Three-Way system with a Home Automation Three-Way switch set, a master and a slave switch has to be installed. The master switch is the unit where the home code and unit code can be set. The slave switch doesn’t need a code, as it follows the master code. More than one slave switches can be connected to one system.

Also, this switch can carry loads from 40 Watts up to 500 Watts and also here only incandescent bulbs can be connected. Both the master and the slave unit have a single button for turning the connected light On or Off. The dimming function is also here only possible by the X10 controller. The master switch has a second local total power off button, to be able to replace the connected bulb.

X10 XPD03 Decorated Dimmer Switch

The switch can carry a load of up to 500 Watts and as low as 40 Watts. Connecting the switch to a lower load then 40 Watts, a flickering light might be the result. Take care, because this switch can only handle incandescent bulbs.

By setting the home code and unit code, located behind the panel, the Dimmer Switch can be controlled via the X10 controller. But for the quick dimming, the switch can also be controlled directly and that is different from the PLW01 In-Wall Light Switch. A short paddle stroke will turn the connected light On in 3 seconds, in which it fades up from Off to On. Another short paddle stroke fades the light Off in again 3 seconds. By holding the paddle down and releasing it at the desired fading/dimming mode, the light is set to an intermediate light level. The switch has a second button for a total power Off mode, to be able to replace the connected light bulb safely.

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Underneath we have some examples we have found from eBay of X10 Light Switches.

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