Top Smart Home Tech 2020

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular in this ever-changing world which is spurring increased development of the gadgets you can use to make your everyday life easier. The top types of smart home technology work together and are compatible with all your existing appliances, tools, and alarms.

The Top Smart Home Technology picks of 2020 Integrate Your:

  • Garage Door Opener
  • Kitchen
  • Smoke and CO2
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Security
  • and much, much more…

Garage Door Opener

Ever find yourself fumbling around in the dark looking for the door opener? With a smart garage door opener, it will automatically open your garage door as you get close to your home. As if it couldn’t get better, it can even tell when your car is in the garage and will close the door again as soon as it’s safe. There are smart garage door opener systems compatible with almost every brand of the opener on the market, which will significantly reduce the cost of getting one.

Smart Home Technology for Kitchen

Ever find yourself in need of putting some food in a cooker and leaving it all day? What if you could control its cooking from work so you can come home to the perfect dinner with nearly zero effort after that long day? A Smart Slow Cooker can give you exactly that freedom.

If that’s not cool enough, LG Home chat allows you to text message all your kitchen appliances; they can even message you back to tell you to pick up more milk! Any iOS device will let you shut off your oven, start the washing machine you forgot to set that morning or vacuum the carpet. Life doesn’t get much easier than that.

Smoke and CO2 Detection

You probably have detectors for both smoke and CO2, but what if you could combine those into one that actually specifies what the problem is, clearing all confusion? A Smart smoke/CO2 alarm accomplishes this in addition to letting you tell it to shut up. If you do any kind of cooking, you’ve probably set off the detector a few times, but if yours is smart you can just tell it it’s a false alarm and it will turn off.

Heating and Cooling

Most people don’t use their energy as efficiently as they should. A programmable thermostat can solve those issues, easily saving you up to 20% on your energy bill. But a Smart Thermostat doesn’t even need to be programmed. It learns your schedule in just a week’s time and automatically adjusts the temperature when you’re away or sleeping. Check out the top smart thermostat of 2014- Nest Learning Thermostat – 2nd Generation T200577.


You don’t need a full-blown home security system with a guy waiting to call you if the alarm goes off, there are other options that will still give you complete access to your home. Some systems let you monitor everything from camera or audio feeds to the air temperature and all without paying that guy on the other side of the country you hope you’ll never have to talk to.


The top smart home technology for your house will combine the best smart home systems to give you exactly what you want and need to make your life easier. Some of the more top-of-the-line Smart Home systems even integrate into one controller, so you can pull out your tablet at work and do anything from closing your garage door to checking your pool temperature.

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