Ways Smart Home Technology Will Help You and the World

Smart Home Technology will bring many benefits to your life. It can bring out your techy side, to helping the world survive. Today at Top Home Tech, we will go over a few of the ways Smart Home Technology can help you.

I am an environmentalist

Your next car will be a hybrid (again). On Sunday morning you find yourself strolling over the local Farmers Market. You make your own bread and maybe even your own laundry detergent. You love bluegrass music and at least one of your friends has dreads. With everything you do, you think of the carbon footprint it will leave behind.

So why would you automate your home?

Just one simple example you might like: The weather forecast was thunder and rain, but instead, the sun was pounding through the windows into your house. You can only imagine the temperature inside, and you drag the moment that you have to turn on the air conditioning upon arriving home. Luckily your Smart Home Automation System has detected via the thermostat the temperature in your house and instead of turning on the air conditioning, it closed your window covering for you. How energy saving and smart is that!

I am just a geek

Your Garmin Nuvi 3790LMT navigation system brings you right into downtown. On your Android smartphone, you check the nearest open café, where you order a coffee and while waiting you pull out your iPad to check your latest emails. When your coffee arrives you settle down in a corner of a sofa and read the newest book you have just downloaded on your Kindle. So you are probably the person who simply can’t wait for the moment that all these features are combined into this one, small, cheap, fast, comfortable, clear, always synced gadget.

But did you ever think of your house in that way?

Just one simple example you might like: With the multi-room audio system, your house can be turned into an audio experience without synchronizing music libraries every week. Up to four audio (input) sources can be connected to your Smart Home Automation System. And from up to four different rooms each system is now accessible via a keypad or via remote control. It is as cool and as simple as that!

I am an economical person

Another long day at work, that’s your life. A deadline is coming up and the boss is putting full pressure on you. You thought you put an extra hour today, but by now it is 9 pm and traffic is still a disaster. The only thing you want to do now is to sit at home on the couch with a good movie. Finally, you made it home and now you are ready for a very relaxing evening.

But did you automate your home?

Just one simple example you might like: With the remote control sitting beside your couch, you can turn your house with one click into a movie theater. The lights dim around you and turn off in the rest of the house. The front door locks, the popcorn machine will turn on during the next break and your bedroom humidifier has done its job at the end of the movie. How convenient is that!

You might be one of the above, you might be all. Home Automation Systems will help you for sure.

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