Why your home needs a Smart Code Wireless Deadbolt System

It doesn’t happen too often, but when it happens it’s the most annoying thing ever; locking yourself out of your own house. Your mind starts racing. Where are the people who also own a key to your place? Your looks become one of a burglar. Didn’t I leave the backdoor unlocked? Isn’t there a window open somewhere? What will be the smallest damage to my house when I brake into it?

What you’re currently doing?

Of course, you could have hidden a key somewhere in your garden. But is that something you really want? Maybe today, it is something you want. But you would be worried for the rest of your life, worried if not somebody saw you picking up that key or hiding it away.

There is a simple solution however to your problem, a Smart Code Deadbolt.

What is Smart Code Deadbolt?

The Smart Code Deadbolt can be as simple as a deadbolt which can be unlocked by a key as well as with code. The bolt is a true locking deadbolt due to its motor-driven bolt inside. The activation code is set by a 4 to 8 digits string of numbers. Locking is done by pushing one simple button and the code is not needed for this action. Nothing new so far, this technology has been on the market for a while and is used all around.

Z-Wave Deadbolt system

The true Home Automation System connection comes with the Smart Code Wireless Z-Wave Deadbolt. The bolt is able to talk wireless to your installed Home Automation System. This is home automation taken to the level it should be taken to. Imagen while unlocking your house with a simple code, the lights turn on, the alarm system disarms, the thermostat goes to high and the entertainment system turns on. Coming home has turned into a real coming home feel.

The system even takes it a step further. What about locking your house from your smartphone. Or receiving a message on your smartphone telling the children just came home. Or what in case of an emergency to be able to unlock all the doors of your house (remote if you need to) with only one command. Features which will make your life easier and saver.

Installing Smart Code Deadbolt

Installing the system is a matter of minutes. The Smart Code Deadbolt runs on 2 AA batteries and no extra wires are needed to install the bolt. Simply remove the current bolt and mount the Smart Code Deadbolt in the door and the job is done. Remember the Z-Wave products are fully incorporated with the X10 Home Automation System. Which runs over existing electrical wires in your house. All in all, no extra wires are needed.

The bolt comes in brass, nickel, bronze, or just a simple black color.

Next time when locking yourself out of your own house, a simple code lets you get back in.

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